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;;; Answers to Questions about Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems *

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;;; Written by Mark Kantrowitz, Erik Horstkotte, and Cliff Joslyn

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*** Table of Contents:


[1] What is the purpose of this newsgroup?

[2] What is fuzzy logic?

[3] Where is fuzzy logic used?

[4] What is a fuzzy expert system?

[5] Where are fuzzy expert systems used?

[6] What is fuzzy control?

[7] What are fuzzy numbers and fuzzy arithmetic?

[8] Isn't "fuzzy logic" an inherent contradiction?

Why would anyone want to fuzzify logic?

[9] How are membership values determined?

[10] What is the relationship between fuzzy truth values and probabilities?

[11] Are there fuzzy state machines?

[12] What is possibility theory?

[13] How can I get a copy of the proceedings for <x>?

[14] Fuzzy BBS Systems, Mail-servers and FTP Repositories

[15] Mailing Lists

[16] Bibliography

[17] Journals and Technical Newsletters

[18] Professional Organizations

[19] Companies Supplying Fuzzy Tools

[20] Fuzzy Researchers

[21] Elkan's "The Paradoxical Success of Fuzzy Logic" paper

[22] Glossary

[24] Where to send calls for papers (cfp) and calls for participation


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